Doctor encountered mother-in-law after penis-enlargement taunt

A physician has been cleared of manhandling his shouting mother-in-law in a bust-up – after she taunted him about wasting money on penis enlargement for his siblings.

Reza Ghasemi, 41, who is a specialist doctor at the Royal Derby Hospital, dealt with a charge of attacking his spouse’s mother, Soodabeh Safavian, while she was staying with them on a check out from her home nation of Iran.


Dr Ghasemi was discovered not guilty at the end of a three-hour trial at Nottingham Magistrates Court after Mrs. Safavian failed to turn up to offer proof.

The court heard that the relationship between the physician and his mother-in-law was toxic and strained. And the bust-up, described as an undesirable and heated exchange, broke out at about 12 twelve noon on Sunday, January 10 at his home on Atkinson Gardens, Nuthall, while his partner, Rosa, was out shopping.

She began criticizing him and abusing him, stating nasty things and telling him he was not a good son-in-law, stated Denis Quinn, prosecuting.

In his interview with police, he said she called his mum and sibling offending names and accused him of sending out money to his brothers for penis enlargement.

Her tone ended up being more aggressive and she put her hands round his collar before hitting him in the chest, causing him to stumble.

He freed his hands and pushed her on to a couch, but she kicked him in the stomach.

The court was informed that Dr Ghasemi went upstairs to pack his bags and leave to prevent additional issues. He heard Mrs. Safavian, who was still dressed in her pajamas and slippers, go out the front door, so he went after her.


The assault was declared to have taken place on the path outside the door. Neighbor Joshua Gaughan, who lives across the road, told the court that he heard a woman shouting and looked out of his bedroom window to see her being gotten, dragged and forced back into your house by Dr Ghasemi.

She was overpowered, said Mr. Gaughan. The only time I have seen a woman being manhandled like that prior to is on TELEVISION. She was struggling to obtain away and shouting her avoid.

Mr. Gaughan’s mother called the police, who showed up to discover Mrs. Safavian distressed. She had reddening marks on her chest and her pajama top was ripped.

However, after being apprehended, Dr Ghasemi, insisted his mother-in-law offered an overstated variation of events to the police and, in court, he declared Mr. Gaughan’s account was incorrect.

He told the magistrates Mrs. Safavian, who speaks hardly any English, had not been screaming however had actually been screaming Oh individuals! Oh people! in her native language of Farsi, which was a typical Iranian method of seeking attention– in this case from neighbor’s.

Dr Ghasemi likewise described Iranian culture when explaining the marks on her chest. He declared she had beaten her own chest for about a minute during their clash inside your house. This was something Iranian women typically did when they were sad or frustrated.

The physician said he did not understand how Mrs. Safavian’s top had actually been ripped however he rejected getting her with any force. Rather, he had linked arms with her and ushered her back into your house, contacting his expert training in dealing with difficult clients who might wish to leave medical facility.

In his summing-up, Mr. Quinn stated Dr Ghasemi had every reason to lie because he would be embarrassed professionally if he was convicted.

Mr. Gaughan is an independent witness who had an ideal view of what occurred, about 15 meters away, he said. I doubt that lots of people in Nuthall understand Farsi, however howling is an international language.

In response, Sarah Neale, protecting, described DrGhasemi, who is also a medical researcher at Nottingham University, as a practical and smart male of good character and without any previous convictions, who likes his wife. He was simply aiming to entice her mom back into your home to prevent her roaming the streets and potentially getting lost on exactly what was her first-ever check out to the UK.

The chairman of the Bench, Kevin Beardsall, said the case against the medical professional, whose spouse remained in court to support him, could not be shown beyond sensible doubt.

Mr. Beardsall informed him: We feel the evidence you gave was extremely reputable and consistent.

This evidence surpassed that of Mr. Gaughan’s, which was based on what occurred inside about 5 seconds and from a distance, and included some disparity.

We also feel that the injuries to Mrs. Safavian were not triggered by the events outside your house however rather by her own lamenting.

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